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No Raids?! Q_Q by AlexandraSGuthrie
No Raids?! Q_Q
Krakatox is lookin pretty lonely man.
Someone should go give him a huggle.
And then fight him.
And die.
And stuff.
Request by my friend Squeaks. '^';;

Tera developed by Bluehole Studio
{Plague} Can't Leave by AlexandraSGuthrie
{Plague} Can't Leave
I'm learning how to use my tablet and howdy ho I love this thing.
Thought I'd grace this site with a terrible warm up drawing of Cancer's boyfriend; Plague!

Plague belongs to :iconalexandrasguthrie:
Lyrics on the picture belong to Starset{Who, btw, you should totally check out.}
New OC! Cancer YOU WOT?! by AlexandraSGuthrie
New OC! Cancer YOU WOT?!
Welp guys, here's a small picture of Cancer, my new OC to go along with my boyfriend's OC Plague. Apparently human maladies intrigue us both, and no I am not trying to offend anyone with my character. Her name is derived from the derogatory sense of the word used online as an insult.

ANYWAYS! I would love to thank the lovely Z-Doodler for the lovely art style that gave the inspiration for this drawing. I actually kinda ripped the expression from Ted in this comic;…
I couldn't resist. After the month and a half I've had, Ted's face perfectly described how I felt. @__@; Like, "Stay calm! Stay calm!" *Eye twitch* Brooo... xD Anyways, you will be seeing a bunch of Cancer! So prepare thine anuses. >. >

Song that inspired my drawing:…
I own Cancer bruh. No touchy.
Adventure!(PT1) by AlexandraSGuthrie
So here is a Princess Bubblegum fanart! Yaaayyy! Class went by way too slowly when I drew her. ~___~;; They didn't have our program up and running so I just did this. x3

I did this as a pencil sketch and polished it up in Paint Tool Sai c:
I do not own PB or any of the Adventure Time franchise. Theys belong to Cartoon Network.
I remember loving to draw my OC Nibbles, but I just don't have it in me anymore to draw her. Thinking of doing one more drawing of her and them permanently sticking with my new OC. :)
Alright guys, this is really embarrassing to ask, but I'm getting really self-conscious! v_v;
How long did it take you all to get used to drawing on your graphics tablets? I didn't exactly go all out and buy a real graphics tablet, I have a Monoprice, and I love it dearly, I'm just not used to it at all. I'm just wondering now.. How long did it take everyone, because I'm getting frustrated that I can't even properly sketch... It's embarrassing.


AlexandraSGuthrie's Profile Picture
Alexandra Guthrie
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Well howdy there! :D
I'm Alex, call me Alee please, Alex makes me sound like some sexy God man who pops out of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. xD
I am 18, and I'm currently in high school, (Bullying really does take a toll.)< By November I'll be popping into the local community college.
This DeviantArt is specifically for Gaia Online arts, and finished works. You'll be seeing some finished products from my other account--; :iconanastasiadelacroix:
Well, cool beans, I'll update this later. ;w ;

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